Angela Smith MP

Penistone & Stocksbridge


Brexit is sucking the life out of public policy

Published in the April edition of the Farmers Guardian

What is clear more than ever is people want clarity. Industry desperately needs it, farmers desperately need it. Both need to know what sort of trading environment they will face next week or next month, never mind next year. Both need to know what rules will apply. Yet t the moment there are no answers to these or the myriad of other concerns people have and that just isn’t good enough. The only thing we can say for certain is that any deal negotiated will be worse than the deal we currently enjoy.   

I have been consistent that any deal agreed by Parliament should be put to the people, including the one negotiated by Theresa May. I still believe if she had offered this some time ago there would have been a Parliamentary majority for it, a point I have made directly to her on numerous occasions.  

I think now more than ever a confirmatory vote by the people is needed. given that the simple Brexit promised in 2016 doesn’t now seem possible. If Theresa May can change her mind, if Parliament can change its mind, then surely the people have the right to change their mind too.