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Penistone & Stocksbridge

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Welcome to my website, where you will find my latest news, brief biography, details of how to contact me and some other useful links and information. There is also some information about the constituency and local contact numbers which might be useful.

I am here for all my constituents, so if you have any queries or other concerns, please contact me or make an appointment to see me at one of my regular advice surgeries. 

As the MP for Penistone & Stocksbridge, I am always looking for different ways to keep in touch with my constituents, so I hope you find this site useful and informative. The site is updated regularly, so please do come back often. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes
Member of Parliament
Penistone & Stocksbridge
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Penistone & Stocksbridge

The seat lies in the north-west corner of South Yorkshire, crossing the municipal boundaries of Barnsley and Sheffield. It is classed as rural a county seat. it first came into existence at the in 2010 General Election when the seats of Sheffield Hillsborough and Barnsley West merged. It is one of 14 parliamentary seats in the sub-region. The seat largely resembles the old Penistone Constituency, which, following the election of a Conservative in the Conservative landslide in 1931, returned MPs representing the Labour Party through to its abolition in 1983. 

The seat is most heavily populated on its eastern fringe, with communities built largely on the coal and steel industries, such as the ex-mining village of Dodworth and the steelworking town of Stocksbridge. Penistone too has a history of steelworking at the David Brown and high-tech foundries although many local people are or have been employed at the Hepworth pipeworks (formerly Hepworth Iron Co./Hepworth Building Products) which specialises in the manufacture of pipes, mains and domestic and whose fortunes vary with demand in construction. Between these urban areas are rural villages including Oxspring, Wortley, Green Moor and Thurgoland occupied mostly by commuters to Sheffield (also Leeds and Manchester). The western area of the constituency is in the Peak District National Park.

The seat contains three significant stately homes. Cannon Hall (home of the Spencer-Stanhope family of Pre-Raphaelites) is open-the-public as the 13th/18th Royal Hussars Museum, while Wortley Hall (ancestral home of the Wortley-Montagu family) is largely used by trade unions and their families, and the third is Wentworth Castle, where an adult educational establishment, Northern College, is based.

  2017 General Election result 


History of Penistone & Stocksbridge

Those of us with longer memories than we care to remember, know this new constituency is actually a remaking of the old Penistone constituency abolished at the 1983 General Election.


That seat was a bastion of Labour having been held by the party continually since the 1935 election. Famous MPs of the past include John Mendelson and Allan Mackay, who became the MP for Barnsley West and Penistone after the disbanding of Penistone in 1983. 


For many, the reforming of this old constituency has meant the re-joining of old friendships and old alliances.


The character of the seat rural is quite rural in large parts with much being actually within the boundaries of the Peak National Park. The eastern fringe of the constituency where the majority of people live is the opposite being urban and stretches right into the heart of Parson Cross in Sheffield and almost to the town centre of Barnsley.


The electorate of around 68,000 elected its first MP at the 2010 general election. The successful candidate was Angela and therefore became the first MP for Penistone & Stocksbridge.

The wards of Penistone & Stocksbridge

There are six wards make in the constituency, all having a unique character. In the east Dodworth, Penistone East and Ecclesfield West are former mining areas. In the west Stocksbridge is still a major steel manufacturer with the town of Penistone still regarded as a market town. East Ecclesfield once a separate market town is now a Sheffield suburb and major employment area. For more details on the individual wards see the below links

               Penistone West  Penistone East  Dodworth

         East Ecclesfield  West Ecclesfield  Stocksbridge

Second reading speech on the Animal Welfare (Sentncing) Bill
Friday, 19 July 2019
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Monday, 13 May 2019
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Wednesday, 06 February 2019
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Speech for the 2nd reading of the Fisheries Bill
Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Speech for the 2nd reading of the Fisheries Bill House of Commons 21st November 2018 (check against delivery) Mr Deputy Speaker, I grew up in... Read More...

My Parliamentary staff are always happy to arrange tours of the Houses of Parliament for constituents who are visiting London, subject, of course to Parliamentary business (which can sometimes restrict access) on the day.


A full tour of the Palace of Westminster takes in Sovereign's Entrance, Norman Porch, Royal Gallery, Prince's Chamber, the House of Lords Chamber, Central Lobby, Voting Lobby, Members' Lobby, the House of Commons Chamber, St Stephen's Hall and Westminster Hall.

Due to the strong demand for these tours, it is best to get in touch at least 3 months before your planned visit.

More details here

Without my fantastic team of staff, I couldn't serve the people of Penistone & Stocksbridge.

In Sheffield, I have 2 full-time members of staff assisted by a further part-time member. Together they look after my diary and casework.

In London, I also employ a part-time member of staff who my assists Senior Researcher/Chief of Staff who works in both my London Office and the constituency. 

Meet the team 

Write to Angela at;
The MPs Office
Stocksbridge  Maria House, 3 Fox Valley Way
S36 2AA
Telephone; 0114 2831855


Or you can contact Angela through this website by going below; 

Write to me 


In addition to their salary, MPs are allowed to claim various expenses to enable them to carry out duties on behalf of constituents

These expenses cover things such as running offices in the constituency and Westminster, the paying of staff, as well as claiming for a second home, which is a necessary expense for many MPs who have to spend part of the week in Westminster.

Since the General Election of 2010 the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority monitors and sets MPs expenses. They regularly publish Members expenses online on a 3 monthly basis. Click below for more details.


If you would like to see Angela personally, or if there is an issue you want to talk to me about, you can arrange to meet her.

Alternatively we can, if you want deal with concern online. For more details go here   

Angela holds regular advice surgeries in throughout the constituency of Penistone & Stocksbridge and at different times and at  locations:

To see Angela at one of her surgeries please call the constituency office on 0114 2831855 to request an appoinment.

We will request the details of your problem before the surgery and then make an appointment for you to see Angela .

You can also write to Angela at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or use the contact form on this website to get in touch

Contact me