Angela Smith MP

Penistone & Stocksbridge

Angela named as one of the 10 people who made a mark on environmental policy in 2018

The ENDS report, the UK’s number 1 source of intelligence for environmental professionals, has just named Penistone and Stocksbridge MP, Angela Smith, as one of the top ten people in the country to make a mark on environmental policy due to her work on the House of Commons Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

In nominating her, the website said:

“Nobody scrutinises quite like Smith. She is the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s toughest inquisitor, managing to cut through the bluster to expose the shortcomings in witnesses’ evidence. Smith’s questioning of environment secretary in November was a sight to behold, her incredulity palpable as Gove denied that his actions were having any “discernible impact” on Natural England. She almost fell off her chair. Fearless and razor-sharp, Smith does not suffer fools and we should be grateful for that.


Commenting on the honour of being named by the ENDS report, Angela said;

‘To be honest it came as a bit of surprise to be named by the ENDS report. I honestly believe scrutiny of policy and people of influence is vitally important and should be carried as effectively as possible.’.

Angela was placed alongside such esteemed names as Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, Amy Mount, head of Greener UK, Emma Howard Boyd, Environment Agency chair, and Andrew Sells, Natural England chair. 

For further details on the awards please see the ENDS report website at