Angela Smith MP

Penistone & Stocksbridge

Demanding action from the City region leaders

Penistone & Stocksbridge MPs calls for South Yorkshire Leaders to get on with it’ as the region loses over half a million in investment every week. 

Despite the four Leaders of the Sheffield City Region councils agreeing in May to the devolution deal the Mayor had negotiated with government, Angela Smith is concerned to learn that the necessary statutory consultation on the deal has not yet been announced.   

Given that at stake for the City Region is £30m per year for 30 years, every week of delay costs the region some £570,000  This is on top of the £30m that was lost to the region in the first year of the City Region Mayor’s period in office, thanks to the failure to agree to a deal at that point on the part of the four local authority leaders.     

Angela is now calling for the local authority leaders to get on with it, so that Mayor Jarvis can get on with the job of delivering investment in vitally needed projects designed to strengthen the South Yorkshire economy.   

Commenting, Angela Smith says;  

The Mayor has finally got a deal supported by all South Yorkshire’s local authority leaders and the Government.  But we have already waited too long and I remain intensely frustrated that money earmarked for investment here in South Yorkshire has instead sat in the Treasury.  

Now we have a deal agreed by all parties, but still no sign of the consultation required before the Mayor can make full use of the powers available to him under the devolutionary settlement.  This is frankly disappointing and not really good enough.   

I call on all four leaders to make this a priority and get on with the necessary consultations. Every week of delay is another week where money could be invested to improve the lives of every citizen in south Yorkshire. My constituents demand nothing less.”